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Business English Boot Camp in beautiful Ottawa, Canada

Do you need English for your work? Why not learn business English in Ottawa, Canada, the nation’s capital, to develop your communication competency in English and enjoy a wonderful tourist experience at the same time?

Having effective communication skills is the most important skill to have for any smart professional, because they know that giving good impressions and clear communication are important to succeed in the business world. 

Our business English training programs are designed to provide today’s professionals with the communicative competency to perform confidently and effectively in a wide array of business functions from socializing, presentations, meetings to negotiations and so forth. Learn the language and the skills you need to perform in your job by benefiting from a language program that meets your needs.

Whether you are just starting your career or an experienced executive, our training can certainly benefit you. To contact us for more information,  click here.

Registration and Tuition for Business English Boot Camp

Corporations/Self-made groups: Please use the following link Business English Training Tuition chart  to calculate the tuition costs for the training.The tuition is broken down into days and weeks for your convenience, and you have the options of studying intensively and  during any time of year. We also accept registration all year.
Individuals: If you want to study with 6-12 business professionals in a group and need to enroll individually, please use the following link Business English Training Tuition chart  to know the tuition costs for the training.  Also, you have the option of studying intensively for any length of time.

2 week-intensive Business English Boot Camp training dates

4 week-intensive Business English Boot Camp training date

June 5-16, 19-30
July 3-14, 17-28
August 7-18, 16-30

June 5-30

July 3-28

August 2-29